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Waiting For Godot

Walnut / Oil Finish / Soapstone Base / 1999 / 7 inches


This carving was inspired by a wonderful sculpture by fellow Canadian Barnabus Kish. (See my links page).

Mr. Kish's sculpture is of a gargoyle, but I changed it a bit into a muscular guy. My purpose was not to copy the original, but to learn more about anatomy.

Walnut is such a tough wood, that whenever I finish a carving I swear I'll never do another. But the wood is so darn pretty that I can never resist one more try. I think the secret is to carve larger things, without so much detail. (I guess I'm a slow learner, as this figure is only four inches tall not counting the soapstone base.)

As can be seen in the photos, the face is quite detailed. This was difficult due to the angle, and also because this is carving directly into the end grain.  

IFor those who are wondering about the title of this piece... "Waiting for Godot" is the title of a play by Samuel Beckett. In the play, two characters are waiting at a lonely crossroads for a person named Godot. The play consists of conversations between Vladimir and Estragon, who are waiting for the arrival of the mysterious Godot, who continually sends word that he will appear but who never does. They encounter Lucky and Pozzo, they discuss their miseries and their lots in life, they consider hanging themselves, and yet they wait:


Estragon: Why don't we hang ourselves?

Vladimir: With what?

Estragon: You haven't got a bit of rope?

Vladimir: No.

Estragon: Then we can't.


(Not for sale. Collection of the artist.)




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