Because all of my sculptures are hand carved, the one you receive will not look exactly as shown. It will however look very much like the one on this site. The sizes too may vary slightly depending on the wood I have in stock.

The Man in the Moon sculpture will be hand carved in basswood, approximately eighteen inches tall, finished in polyurethane, signed and dated.

The cost for this sculpture is Cdn$155.00. (As of November 2000, this is equivalent to US$104.00.) To determine the exact amount at today's exchange rate, visit the Oanda Currency Converter.

Shipping is of course extra, and insurance is optional. Payment must be by international money order or certified cheque.

Guarantee: All my work is guaranteed. If you're not happy with your purchase, simply return it, postpaid, and I'll refund your original purchase price plus postage. (I haven't had one returned yet!)

Note: I do not have any of these carvings in stock. If you want one, I will carve it for you. For this reason, you must email me before ordering so that I can determine a completion date. You can email me by clicking here.