Day 5 + 1.5 Hours

I turned the fluorescent lights out and just used my small tungsten lamps for these photos. As a result, the shadows show up nicely and you can see some of the fat rolls on this chubby fellow. These rolls will soften a bit when I begin the final sanding.

At then end of each day I spend up to twenty minutes critiquing my work. I then make a list of 'things to do' for the following day. Direct overhead lighting is best for this. In fact, all sculpture looks best in this lighting.

One thing I found very distracting on this carving was the ridge of 'fur' that runs down the centre of his neck below the chin. I made a note to fix this in my next session.


Day 5 + 1.5 Hours

Another view of the carving with overhead lighting. You can see how the ears are coming along now. Most of the heavy carving is finished so I was no longer worried about the ears breaking.

At this point, the carving has been sanded with 'sanding screen'. This removes the tool marks and softens the carving.